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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017


Albert Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I met with a client and heard the same complaints about their self-managed digital signage that I’ve heard a million times “No one has time to update it. It’s not any specific persons job…someone just gets stuck with it. Besides, no one actually watches it anyway.” Even though I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said these things, it hurts my soul that you’re living the definition of insanity.

Companies often spend a huge amount of time, energy and money to attract new customers when the cold hard truth is: the way your employees engage with your customer (or the quality of a product they produce) is far more valuable than any advertising will ever be. The insanity experienced with employee communication, compliance, training & education, safety, morale and retention can easily be overcome with engagement.

Statistics prove that digital signage provides engagement… so companies make the investment into the equipment and install a system. Let’s pause there. I said investment. An investment is something you buy today expecting the value you receive from it will far exceed the price you paid for it. As of today, this alleged investment is not up-to-date, no one’s job and no one’s watching it. Let’s be real and call it what it was: an expense and it cost far more than money. You still have the same underachieved goals or problems that you bought the signage to address. You’re skeptical and you think the statistics that digital signage boasts are inflated and misleading. You’re listening to my spiel and looking at me like I’m trying to sell you a bridge. It hurts my soul that you’re living the definition of insanity.

Would you buy a new car without an engine? Would you buy digital signage without content? They are each equally important when it comes to the equipment working as promised but you’ve just told me your car doesn’t have an engine. My car comes with the engine. Our engine is powered by a team designers who crank out new and fresh animated, fun, relevant entertaining content on a regular basis. I saw the HR department flinch when I said ‘fun and entertaining’ because this is work and it needs to be professional. Why can’t it be all of them? I’m going to direct you to the image below, full of information you know is true. Remember, what you’re doing isn’t working and that’s why I’m here. It hurts my soul that you’re living the definition of insanity.

79% of employees feel corporate communication uses too much jargon.

I’m going to be very blunt here: Corporate communicators and HR directors have a higher level of education than most employees working on the floor of your business. They speak with different words and patterns. Someone who works in the legal department, lives and breathes the lawyer language and understands it with ease…but the rest of us look like a deer in headlights. I know you know that ‘your message has to match your audience’. So…why did you copy and paste the policy on your digital sign and expect your employees to pay attention it? They were one sentence in, hit a word that immediately created a disconnect and they stopped reading. You know they didn’t read it…that’s why you haven’t bothered to update the digital signage. It hurts my soul that you’re living the definition of insanity.

Here I am, offering you a solution to restore your sanity and I’m greeted with “Well how much is that going to cost?” NOW, this is where we go back to that investment part we were talking about earlier. “If your productivity increased 25%, how much additional money would you make or save?” It hurts my soul that you’re living the definition of insanity.

Cost is important and money will always be a factor. I can guarantee that what you pay us to develop and create your customized content will be far less than what you will pay an employee…even a part time entry level intern. When you shop our competitors, there will be less expensive options. You will need to create the content or use their stock content library (see the jargon statistic again if you’re wondering about the quality of stock content) and update the signage yourself. It hurts my soul that you’re living the definition of insanity.

We don’t just talk about engagement, we actually do it.

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