First Self-Service Lobby Check-In Kiosk Launches for Industrial Facilities

June 21, 2017
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August 21, 2017

First Self-Service Lobby Check-In Kiosk Launches for Industrial Facilities

No Receptionist…No Worries! Upgrade your lobby phone and phone list taped to the wall with a digital receptionist and receive a text message and/or email notifications when guests arrive.


Industrial Communications, a division of EYECONIC.TV, announced the release of the first digital visitor check-in system produced for industrial, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities. Companies can now replace their lobby phone and internal directory, sign-in sheets, badges, visitor checklist and personnel assigned to this task with a streamlined, patent-pending kiosk.

The new Digital Receptionist welcomes visitors with a beautiful motion touchscreen inviting them to check-in. Upon entering their name, company, cell number, the system displays the visitor information and company policy.

Visitors select the employee they are visiting from a drop-down menu, and receive a text message and/or email notifying them of their waiting visitor and all pertinent information to go forward with.

According to Director Shannon Oleyar, “Employees no longer need to sit at their desk waiting on a visitor to call from the lobby phone, file paper visitor logs or repetitively recite the visitor policies and procedures. Nor do you need some assigned to this task. Best of all, the system is designed to be easy to use.”

The Digital Receptionist is fully customizable and can adapt to meet any company policy, procedure and is fully scalable as to the size of the operation.

Each kiosk is custom designed to match the branding of the company, its objectives and integrates professionally made videos that are educational, informative and eye-catching.

Studies have shown that the Digital Receptionist reduces perceived wait times by up to 35%.

In fact, founder and CEO Jeremy Jacobs, states that, “A company has one chance to make an impressive first impression. In most cases we have replaced the weakest aspect of a company’s communication system with a polished, informative, customer-centric component which depicts a first-class organization. And, for a very reasonable price.”

The Digital Receptionist is available now, and can normally be installed in just a few days.


To schedule a demo of the program or receive more information, please visit

EYECONIC.TV is a world leader in point of sale media and ad networks, providing the only fully managed digital signage, menu and touch screen kiosk solutions available on the market today. EYECONIC.TV serves a wide range of industries including the educational and school cafeteria markets, as well as doctor’s offices, banks and financial institutions, and the medical and healthcare communities. EYECONIC.TV provides custom-tailored hardware and software solutions and personalized content for each customer, resulting in a unique solution for each client.

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