Don’t let Employee Engagement on your digital signs spook you

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October 24, 2017
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November 14, 2017

Don’t let Employee Engagement on your digital signs spook you

Implementing digital signage can be a scary process.  

  • Did you put together a PowerPoint on a USB for that TV in the break room?  
  • Should you use cheap software with a less-than-desirable library of content?
  • How can you make content that is effective and keeps employees engaged in what you’re sharing?
  • Do you know how to incorporate movement and video in it?
  • Did you forget to update the sign?
  • Does the task of updating the sign keep getting pushed off to someone who’s busy or doesn’t know what they’re doing?
  • Are you locked in contract with a system provider that isn’t doing everything you need it to do?
  • Is the cost worth it and what’s the real cost of doing it DIY?

You’ve probably encountered all or most of these scary and frustrating questions and scenarios.  

Engaging employees on a digital screen comes very easily for our team at Industrial Communication & Eyeconic TV.  We have a room full of designers who manage all of your updates for you and can make updates happen over a simple internet connection, no running around changing out a USB and almost falling off of a chair.

How would you like all of your digital sign content custom designed, motion on the screen to keep eyes attracted, and fun content that’s more than just safety and corporate communication to keep employees engaged?  

We have clients who were previously locked in a contract with another digital signage company, bored with the content library on the software, their media players worked only a portion of the time, and they weren’t successful at creating new content to keep employees engaged – until they turned to us.  We found a way to negate the contract’s costs, switch them over to our signage platform, and provided quality content that began a positive culture change with employees.  We can help you with the same issues.  

Call us today to talk about how your company can have better Employee Engagement with digital signage done right by Industrial Communications at Eyeconic.  

866-777-4467 x5  or email

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