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November 14, 2017
Free workstation kiosk with the purchase of any Check In kiosk for a limited time!

Free workstation kiosk with the purchase of any Check In kiosk for a limited time!

Free Workstation Kiosk with any Digital Reception Check In

You spend an annual average of $34,009 on a Receptionist.  Our Digital Reception Check In kiosk is a fraction of that cost for a one time purchase.  Could you use the cost savings here at the end of the year?

Why is the Workstation thing a big deal?  If your employees are wasting time digging through filing cabinets for manuals, making copies of dirty PDF’s, entering information from hand written white boards, note cards and post-its into a spreadsheet… a self-service work station is for you. Eliminate lost or eligible logs and forms, miscommunication, confusing procedures, missing documents and forgotten training.

How is the Digital Reception Check In different?  Welcome your visitors and elevate your brand image with an inviting, easy to use, Digital Reception. The kiosk walks your guest through your check-in procedure, explains policies and procedures, defines safety expectations, collects required information and consent then prints a name badge. Keeping visitors engaged with video can decrease perceived wait time by 35%.

You’ll be alerted via text message and/or email that a visitor is waiting in the lobby. The notification will display the visitors’ full name, company and cell number. If you’re busy or unavailable, it’s easy to send a text notifying them.

Customize the video for different types of visitors (applicant, contractor, vendor, client, regulatory agency, etc). Chose the message unscheduled visitors will receive when attempting to check in. The Digital Reception interface, videos and name badge will be personalized with your logo, branding, colors, fonts and comply with existing visitor requirements.

All the information is collected and cloud stored for easy retrieval/exportation. In the event of an emergency, you can easily access who is in your facility and text them with instructions. If a visitor fails to check-out after a designated period of time, they will receive an automated text asking if they’re still on site and update itself accordingly.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Workstation Kiosk, a $1,549 value, with any purchase of a Digital Reception Check In!

Call for yours  today!  1-866-777-4467 ext. 5

If you need:

Buy a Check in kiosk, get a free workstation kiosk

Buy a Check in kiosk, get a free workstation kiosk

  • Safety videos played for visitors
  • Text or email alerts when guests arrive
  • Cloud based visitor logs
  • Toss the paper and pens
  • Custom video/quiz per visitor type
  • Quickly alert/reject unwanted visitors
  • Customized interface touchscreen
  • Safety reports instantly logged
  • Locked down for IT security
  • One place for SDS/forms/training
  • And more customization available

…then these products are ideal for your facility.

Limited time only! 

No limit on quantities, shipping included for the Workstation product only. 

Call today 1-866-777-4467 ext. 5

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